Increasing wealth – silver American eagle coins – numismatic coins

Silver is now called the new gold. Why? Because when gold prices rise, as has been the case recently, investors are looking for a less expensive alternative. That is why silver is called the gold of the poor.

The sale of coins and bullion was so reliable – the U.S. Mint now regulates American Eagle coins that dealers say they cannot meet the demand of small investors.

Financial experts believe that the current economic problems facing the world will worsen. Those who study financial trends are urging people to turn their paper money into tangible assets. The feeling is that sooner or later physical assets are trump.

Experts believe that “Silver” is rising again, as in the 70s. Then an ounce of silver was only north of $ 1.00. It continued to grow and grow to over $ 47.00, the percentage increase was over 3,500%! At the time of this writing, an ounce of silver costs just over $ 17, which is 30% more this year. I read that analysts expect growth to more than $ 50.00 an ounce over the next 2 quarters. Wow!

Here is the fact. The world is out of silver. It is used in world currencies, jewelry, medical industry, apparel, photography, electronics, solar energy, water purification, silverware, nuclear power plants, etc.

How is silver different from gold? Simply put, silver is a consumable, it gets used to. For the most part, there are no real or synthetic materials instead of silver. We cannot live without it.

More than 90% of the mined silver is used for industrial purposes.

According to the Law of Demand and Supply, if the supply of an item or material decreases and the demand increases, the price of that material will increase significantly.

Few Americans who know that in 2002 it became legislation that the government must buy silver from the population when U.S. silver stocks fall below a certain level.

If you read s.2594 or section 2 of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Support Act, you will see that Congress will find that

(1) The American coin Eagle Silver Bullion is the world market leader and is the largest and most popular program of silver coins in the United States;

(2) Founded in 1986, the American Swing of Silver Ingots program is the world’s most successful Silver Ingots program;

(3) Beginning with fiscal year 1995 and ending with fiscal year 2001, the U.S. Swing Silver Ingots program generated profits of $ 264,100,000 and sufficient profits to substantially reduce government debt;

(4) in the context of depletion of silver reserves in the reserves of strategic and critical materials of the Defense Logistics Department, the Ministry of Finance must purchase silver from other sources to comply with the American program “Silver Ingots in the Eagle”

Summing up, the American silver coin “Eagle” plays an important role in the economy of our country. The government cannot stop making them because profits have drastically reduced public debt.

In addition to the collection of American silver bullion coins, there has been a marked increase in sales of numismatic collector coins. Harry Newton, editor of Technology Investor Publication, writes: “Interesting times! We are seeing a lot of movement in collector and investment currency and coins, especially premium coins. This year prices have increased by 35% and about Volume In high-end figures, Proofs 65 and above, and in the mint states of MS 65 and above there is significant demand while reaching record prices, we understand that it is more convenient for investors to hold solid assets such as coins than real cash in dollars and others on the foreign exchange balance, and there is a constant transition from the latter to fixed assets on a daily basis. “

Not all American silver eagles have plates and classified coins of the Mint (CU). Only about 10% make up MS-70. Unlike ingots, which are valued solely on the basis of their silver weight, the value of a numismatic silver coin is determined by several factors: its rarity, the number of coins originally minted, the history and age and condition of the coin.

Numismatic coins are bought and sold within the coin collector community, with little regard for today’s silver prices. Numismatic coins are valued for their beauty, historical significance and potential investment value. Thus, numismatic coins are sold with a significant premium for their own silver content.