Why are religions failing and people leaving them?

Life flies and people wonder what comes next? People come and go during the course of life, some appear briefly, others seem to go away forever. Eventually we inevitably surrender and what have we achieved? Some make fortunes, others live in poverty, while greed, envy and jealousy are behind most of them. Some have offered their skills and abilities, others struggle to understand the simplest puzzle.

Why are we so different and what are we really waiting for when their time is up? My life began after rebirth brought me back from being a man and now a woman. The memory of my last death and time with the soul of the universe has given me a different perspective and a passion for learning everything possible.

Staying on top of my last body and looking down I saw that it was a man about 45 years old. The death was accidental and was in the middle of a paddock on a Dray ship driven by a horse. He stood patiently as I proceeded.

A glimpse of a line stretching out in front of me in the dark showed the dates and stood for 45 years. Something special will happen at that time. Already my life would be full of ups and downs but I had to cross a huge learning curve before.

Above my parents I saw that they were married a month before I was born. Memories remain from the first day of this life. A different language protected my parents because they could not speak to me.

Young children often feel this way but religions interfere and they are despised, disbelieved, rejected and are generally prevented from reincarnating or believing.

A changed world means that what was frowned upon is now accepted and women are leaders as well as highly educated and trustworthy individuals. It wasn’t when I was born, and at the time I was frustrated that my body was female.

Going back to life and doing something seemed like a mistake. But not so! My job now is to spread new ideas in the world through the internet and make people aware of how wrong religions are, how bad and corrupt the world is, and how many people have stolen their connection with their spirituality and spirit.

Since my commission, my job has been to learn everything about where and why systems of faith were developed. It’s heinous but the evidence is irrefutable. Lying, stealing, ignorance, and abuse of power are just some of the tools employed by religious leaders. People accept humor when fear fights reality but this is the time to wake up. The answer to the mystery is available for free on the Internet and religious leaders are no exception

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