How bitcoin works

Bitcoin is a decentralized form of cryptocurrency. This means that they are not regulated by either the financial institution or the government. So, unlike a traditional bank account, you don’t need a long list of documents, such as an identity card, so you can set up what’s called a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is […]

4 Benefits You Can Enjoy Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency based on a peer-to-peer network. It was introduced in 2009. The difference between this type of currency and the common one is that it is not centralized and does not depend on banking and government agencies. However, bitcoin offers many benefits. For example, it has lower transaction fees […]

The best places to buy gold

Buying and storing gold scrap has become a great way to invest. The good side of this type of investment is that its low risk. This is because you always buy gold at low prices and then store it. There are a number of places where you can get scrap metal. The most common places: […]

What makes the South African Krugerand so popular?

History The Kruggerand is by far the most famous ounce of gold coin. The first Krugerrand was minted in 1967, and since then the South African coin has remained a favorite choice for investors. Iconic ingots in South Africa are the cornerstone of private ownership of gold and transformed industry. The Krugerand became so popular […]

Gold investment in Bangkok

For hundreds of years, gold in Thailand has been used for jewelry, utensils and religious amulets. In ancient times statues in many Buddhist temples were made of thick layers of gold. Wealthy nobles and merchants wore jewelry made of bracelets, chains and rings. When Bangkok was built over 200 years ago, gold was more popular […]

Can you mine bitcoin on your smartphone?

Let’s take a look at the bitcoin price index from July 2012 to September 2020 for a better understanding of this digital currency – Users who traded bitcoins have used many Android apps that are also used to store bitcoins. Several apps are available, and you can download the best bitcoin app from either Google […]