Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading

Forex trading is gaining huge popularity with the advent of online trading. These days, newspapers also publish advertisements promoting currency trading and education as a great way to make money. However, Forex still remains an area of ​​mystery. So to help traders improve their trading experience and ease of use, companies are now offering high-quality trading platforms (such as Metatrader 4 or MT4) that allow the use of intuitive Forex software. Some of the products and services include MT4 Copier (or Forex Copier) and MT4 Programming. If you are also interested in currency trading, here are some questions you may have.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading

Here is a list of the most important questions that traders often ask about the Forex market.

What is the Forex market and who are its main players?

The forex market or the foreign exchange market is the place where one currency is traded for another currency. For example, GBP can be traded against USD, vice versa and so on. The forex market is experiencing a steady flow of cash as traders around the world exchange their own or another currency for another. The case of multinational corporations exchanging currency to pay employees’ salaries and other expenses in different countries is also an example.

The Forex market also has individual participants in Forex traders or foreign exchange traders who spend their time speculating on exchange rate movements (this is similar to stock traders speculating on stock prices). These percentages fluctuate depending on cash flows and existing and expected macroeconomic conditions worldwide. Forex traders benefit from even the slightest fluctuations in the exchange rate during their trading.

Traditionally, the main players in the Forex market have been large financial institutions and banks. Nowadays, with the popularity of online trading and the invention of other sophisticated technologies, individual investors are also actively participating and investing their money in the Forex market. So, the leading players today are multinational companies, small retailers, brokerage firms and private speculators.

How does the Forex market differ from other markets?

The forex market differs from the stock market in terms of its operations. The Forex market, for example, is not managed by any government or other central body. So all Forex transactions depend on credit agreements between the parties. In addition, there are no clearing houses to inspect transactions; therefore, there is no composition to turn to in case of disputes.

How do I start trading Forex?

If you are new to Forex, start with a demo account to gain understanding and experience in Forex trading. The demo account helps beginners to experiment with different trading strategies without having to invest money. There are many reliable trading platforms, such as Metatrader 4 (MT4), which traders can use to analyze the market and automatically execute transactions. There are many companies offering effective Forex software and MT4 programming services, among others. When it is convenient for them to use demo accounts, traders can register their trading account with a brokerage firm.

How to choose the right platform for Forex trading?

The right trading platform is the one that meets your priorities and needs. Trading platforms are usually provided by a Forex broker. Therefore, your Forex trading platform will depend on the broker you choose. The best trading platforms are easy to use and offer round-the-clock customer service. They also come with built-in market analysis that helps retailers make the right trading decisions. So novice merchants need to ensure the relevance of the platform by first getting a demo account.

Is Forex Trading Expensive?

The price of currency trading depends on the broker. While some brokers charge a commission, others use a more sophisticated approach. So, it is best to ask your broker directly about their fees, hidden fees, if any, and carefully review the contract. It is also advisable for traders to make 20: 1 leverage margin trades to avoid excessive risk.

So, with the answers to the most important questions about Forex trading, traders can now prepare to start their quest for profits in the world of Forex.

Forex Megadroid – its artificial intelligence and RCPTA technology

As automated trading took place in manual trading, the Forex market was flooded with all kinds of trading software called Forex robots. Recently, a new Forex robot stirred up the entire Forex market. More and more people are buying it because of some of its outstanding features. These features are exceptional because they not only protect trade against many odds, but also predict future market changes.

The forex market is changing fast. It is so unpredictable that market conditions may change in a few hours. Other Forex robots are programmed to work in certain market conditions. Some work perfectly in a volatile market, others in a trendy market, some work best in a trendless market, and so on. They fail as soon as their respective market conditions change. The question is how much software will the user buy to compete in all kinds of market conditions?

The solution to this problem is Forex Megadroid. It not only works in all market conditions, but can also predict future market changes that will occur in the next 2 to 4 hours, adapting to it. This software has a unique “Inversely Correlated Price and Time Analysis” (RCPTA) technology. Experts call it artificial intelligence. Computer scientists and programmers know that artificial intelligence is decision-making software. This droid can see the future far ahead. So this software can make profitable deals for its users based on its forecasts.

Another outstanding feature that Forex Robot has is its consistency. Other software can gain when the Forex market is in range and make losses when the market is in trend, because the same algorithm is used by them in both cases. They work the same way when the market is moving in the opposite direction. We can all understand the result of this. But RCPTA technology makes Forex Megadroid able to work and earn in any way. So, using his “market-adaptive intelligence”, he can certainly make a steady profit for his consumer. This does not mean that the robot neither makes mistakes nor loses. He simply finds out where he went wrong and adjusts so that the same thing doesn’t happen again. This gives a total profit.

Consumers testify to its high return compared to other software available on the market. Its creators claim that it can multiply the consumer’s money up to 4 times and his record profit rate is 95.82%. Unlike other software, it is easy to download and operate. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to download. It also has the ability to be invisible to the Forex trader, which can bother consumers in many ways. Brokers cannot understand that the robot is used for trading.

Averaging the stock market

The art of averaging

Averaging is a term that can be found in markets from time to time; this refers to the average price paid for a particular share if you purchased shares in that particular company.

To calculate the average price paid for a particular share, you add up the total amount you paid for the shares and divide it by the number of shares you bought in that company.

The answer is the average amount you paid per share.

Try this math question:

There are five numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

What is the average number?

The calculation:

Add the five numbers: 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150

Divide the total of the five numbers (150) by 5

150 divided by 5 = 30 (answer)

You can do this easily with a calculator.

There are so many stock trading platforms these days that investing directly in the stock market has never been easier for ordinary men and women.

So how does averaging work?

If you buy stocks at regular intervals, you will pay different prices for each stock as stock prices go up and down. Imagine if you bought something at the supermarket last week at full price, then you bought the same item this week at a special price. The average price you paid for the item will be somewhere between the higher and lower price.

The stock market works like this. By buying a certain share at regular intervals you will be able to take some shares in it when the price is lower. This is the advantage of regular savings.

In fact, I think it makes sense to buy more shares when the price is low. The average price paid per share is determined by calculations, as explained above.

The averaging strategy can also be used when investing in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is more volatile than the stock market, so an astute investor who has an eye for a bargain can invest when the price falls.

There are so many stock trading platforms available that the game in the markets is accessible to everyone. I joined two of them in New Zealand. Most countries have stock trading platforms available. Registering for them is easy; you need some form of identification. Just follow the instructions and you’re done.


The game of markets requires positive thinking and a cool head. If you have them, you can profit from falling markets. Averaging is a method that takes advantage of falling markets.

Forex trading – a solution to create wealth in the modern economy

This year we have witnessed how much the global economy has been hit by challenges and failures. However, the grim economic landscape should not be an obstacle to our efforts to create wealth and financial well-being for ourselves. Instead, we could see it as an opportunity to break old habits and look for new and creative ways to find new sources of income that could push us to new heights of success, even in these difficult times. One way to generate income and build wealth is Forex trading. In the last few years, it has essentially moved from the field of large investors to accessible to ordinary people. The Forex market spins more than $ 3 trillion every day. With these types of figures there is enough space for everyone. The question, of course, is why someone like you would be interested.

5 Benefits of Forex Trading

Scale: The Forex market is a bustling 24-hour economic center with seemingly endless activity. It is the most liquid market in the world, with more than $ 3 trillion in daily trade. It really doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in at the moment, because the markets are open twenty-four hours a day from Sunday night to Friday night in the United States. This means that there is always time to be part of this market and feel the action. For example, if you work full time, you can see a significant return by trading after normal business hours.

Bidirectional Opportunities: When trading currency pairs, a decline does not necessarily mean a loss. You can make money by buying or selling as the situation requires. If you own stocks and things get worse for the industry or company you own – as was the case during the economic crisis – then you lose money while prices fall. While short stocks are an option, it is not the same as selling a currency pair. This means that participating in currency trading does not mean that you have to find an asset at a “cheap” price in order to be able to make money when its value rises. You can just log in and decide whether to sell or buy.

Small start-up capital: One of the main advantages of Forex trading is that you do not need huge start-up capital to make things work for you. In fact, you don’t need money at all to start practicing in real market conditions, as most brokers will allow you to trade a demo account to hone your skills before you start using real money. Once you’re ready to get started, you can usually open a mini-account for a few hundred dollars to start trading. Of course, care must be taken, as new merchants can easily delete their accounts. The point here is that this opportunity was not available, but it is now available. Personally, I started with less than a thousand dollars in my account and upgraded it from there. You can start with a small amount of investment and slowly accumulate your wealth and strength as you grow your knowledge and mastery of the Forex market.

Abundance of courses: There are many successful Forex traders who want to share their knowledge of ways to be successful as a Forex trader. In fact, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to find valuable information about Forex trading training. You can surf the internet to get a lot of free material that will give you a good idea of ​​what it includes. Brokers will also often give you free tutorials to encourage you to trade. You just have to invest some time to get the basics.

Information updates: We live in the information age. With an internet connection and a wide variety of news sources, you can easily keep up with basic and technical information that affects the Forex markets.

Given all of the above, Forex trading has become another valuable way to create wealth today.

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Cases of blockchain use

A blockchain is exactly what the name says – a block of transactions linked together in a chain. Originally designed to support cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Blockchain technology has evolved and has the potential to revolutionize our lives, the economy and the world. One of the biggest things about Blockchain is that all transactions are public. This means that you can trace everything back to its origin.

For example, imagine a foodborne illness. Contamination can be traced from the dinner plate to the supermarket and back to the source of the product. Let’s take this transparency one step further. We live in an armed society. There are many weapons that are traded illegally. Blockchain technology will not only eliminate illegal transactions, but will also be a way to hold the source of the illegal arms trade accountable. In addition to allowing transactions to be public, Blockchain transactions are also fast.

Blockchain could potentially replace current trading platforms, as investors who sell shares through Blockchain will have immediate access to their funds instead of the typical waiting time. Blockchain transactions are extremely fast, low cost and, most importantly, more secure than many, if not all, platforms. Security is a huge factor in Blockchain that is transforming the world as we know it. Thanks to its design, Blockchain essentially cannot be hacked. His transaction books are decentralized, which means that copies of these transactions exist and need to be checked by nodes. Once the transaction is verified, it is “sealed” in a block and it is almost impossible to change it. Because this platform is so secure, it can be used as a voting tool in the United States and even around the world.

There are so many alleged cases of corruption and fraud that voting with Blockchain would eliminate these fears. Again, everything is public. It is instantaneous. And it is very safe. There will be no worries about changing votes or disregarding votes. The irreversible book will confirm this. As well as being public, reliable and secure, bitcoin is also very profitable. For most transactions, this will eliminate the intermediary. There will be little need for third parties to manage or review transactions. Businesses will not have to lose security costs to prevent fraud, because Blockchain covers this. Businesses will also be able to use Blockchain to evaluate their own supply chain and identify inefficiencies.

You find it funny how Blockchain started as a small bitcoin support platform and now this technology is bigger than the one it was designed to support. Although Blockchain technology is relatively new, there are many advantages that are too good to ignore. Blockchain technology is transparent. All transactions are made in a public ledger. Blockchain technology is fast and cost effective. Ultimately, blockchain technology is safe and secure.

Forex – trade Non-farm salary report for super profits

Many foreign exchange investors (FOREX) trade only during or around the time of publication of the US Non-Agricultural Wage Report (NFP). They are attracted by the volatility of currencies – especially major pairs, including the US dollar – that occur during this time. Investors who rely on this and other financial news events for their business are called news traders. Many others, while perhaps using other trading methods, certainly include NFP in their trading calendars. Let’s find out why so many merchants are interested in this report.

The NFP comes out once a month, usually on the first Friday at 8:30 a.m. New York time. Sometimes it will come out on the second Friday of the month, not the first, but always at the same time of day. The US Department of Labor is responsible for compiling and publishing the report, which is kept secret until the official release time. The report contains data on unemployment in the non-agricultural sectors of the US economy. By the way, other industrialized countries also publish some similarities to this type of report. Simply put, if the figures published in the NFP represent a major revision of previous estimates, the market response is likely to be quite clear.

The reaction of the expected data on NFP by traders worldwide, in terms of buying and selling activity, generally leads to jumps up or down in the price of the US dollar. This usually happens when the report goes public. Sometimes the jump occurs early, ie. within the minute immediately preceding the release at 8:30 a.m. Although less common, it has also been observed that the jump may occur up to 15 or 20 minutes after the publication of the report.

Other regular financial statements may also drive currency prices, but are not as consistently dramatic or dynamic as the NFP in its outcome. In the last few years, the range of price in the price of the US dollar as a result of the NFP has usually been between 50 and 90 pips in one general direction. Re-tracing, ie. moving the price back to the original price often provides additional trading opportunities. Many traders receive returns ranging from 5 to 20 percent from this report alone.

Why does NFP stand out for its ability to drive the market? The NFP is published by the United States government as an official statement of what the US economy is doing. Based on the content of the report, the measurement of a country’s health is considered in terms of its employment. Many scholars and traders view the employment situation in a country as a leading indicator of how things are doing economically in that country. If the employment situation is bleak, so should its overall economy. A weak economy invariably means bad news for the currency of this particular country.

It must be acknowledged and appreciated that the US dollar has always aroused great interest among traders around the world. Known for its liquidity, relative stability and sustained by the world’s largest economy (at least until China ranks first, as expected in 2026), greenbacks are often accepted as payments for goods and services around the world. This is true even when it is not the official currency in a jurisdiction. It is one of the relatively few currencies known as “hard currency” in the global financial sphere. He is always in the spotlight as a global player.

Recently, the US dollar has been weakening against other currencies. Undoubtedly, global developments, including US involvement in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, have contributed to the vague view shared by some about the value of the dollar. On the other hand, some see this as a good opportunity for American corporations, large and small, to export goods and services to other countries. This could lead to a long-term recovery of the dollar.

Various strategies have been developed to take advantage of the trend of market prices to jump during the NFP announcement. As might be expected, some strategies work better than others. More and more vendors and programmers are developing and selling automated software to retailers who are interested in the rapidly evolving environment surrounding the launch of NFP. The price range of such software can be from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Of course, manual trading with NFP can still be successful, as many traders have proven. Regardless of the method or strategy, many in the trading world will continue to pay attention to the NFP and use its launch as one of the largest regular and recurring trading opportunities in the FOREX market.

Forex Trading Strategies – What Are Your Options?

Forex trading revolves around currency trading. The value of the currency can rise and fall as a result of various factors, which include economics and geopolitics. Changes in the value of the currency are the profit factor for Forex traders and this is the main goal for entering into trades. Trading strategies are sets of analyzes used by traders to determine whether they should sell or buy currency pairs over a period of time.

These strategies can be based on technical analysis scheduling tools or news-based. They are made up of many signals that trigger decisions about whether to buy or sell the currencies the trader is interested in. Strategies are free to use or can be offered for a fee and are usually developed by Forex traders themselves.

Strategies can also be automated or manual. Manual systems require the trader to sit and look for signals and also interpret them so that he can decide whether to sell or buy. Automated systems, on the other hand, give retailers more flexibility because they can customize software to search for and interpret specific signals. Trading strategies may not be so perfect for making money, but when you have a good understanding of what they are, it becomes easier to adopt reliable approaches when trading currencies.

Types of Forex Trading Strategies

There are so many strategies that can be used by Forex traders. The most important thing would be for the trader to decide which strategy corresponds to the type of trading experience he wishes to have and which strategies offer the best signals for interpretation so that the best trading moves can be taken. Below are some of the best strategies that most traders use and some that you should keep in mind if you are new to the markets.

Forex Volatility Strategies – The forex market can be unstable, which means that prices can make very sharp jumps. Volatility systems are designed to take advantage of price actions and are usually best for short-term and fast trades. The systems are also based on increasing volatility, and while their rate of return on transactions may be higher, the profits gained from a transaction may be relatively low. This strategy is best for traders and investors who understand the perception of volatility.

Strategies for following Forex trends – These strategies use marketing of market trends to guide traders to their long-term business goals. The moving average, the calculation of the current market price and the breakthroughs of channels are usually used to generate signals and decide on the best market direction. Instead of predicting or forecasting prices, traders using these strategies only follow the market trend.

Forex scalping strategies – Scalping in Forex involves making multiple trades, each of which makes small profits individually. When using scalping trading strategies, the gains are usually between 5 and 10 pips for each trade. These strategies require constant analysis of the Forex market and the trader also has to make multiple trades at once. They can be quite demanding and traders need to be relatively quick in predicting where markets will go in order to be able to open and close positions in the shortest possible time.

Forex strategies for the focal point – Pivots make it possible to identify entry points, especially for band-bound traders. These points are also useful for breakout traders and trend traders in spotting key points that need a breakout for a trade move to qualify as a breakout. Traders who understand the support and calculations around it will find these strategies quite useful in currency trading. It is important to remember that calculating the pivot using short-term closing prices reduces the significance and accuracy of the rotation point. The calculations must be accurate because they make the backbone of the Forex market.

Forex chart model strategies – Charts are vital in Forex trading to help market traders. There are various chart patterns that can be used in trading, but the most common patterns are triangle and head and shoulder. Triangle patterns occur mostly in short-term time frames and can be descended, ascended, or symmetrical. The price converges with the low and the high creates the triangle leading to the narrow price zone. The head and shoulder pattern, on the other hand, is more like a top formation when an uptrend occurs, and a bottom formation when there is a downtrend. The pattern usually ends in the head and shoulder when the trend line is broken.

Foreko Graphics Strategies Renko – Renko charts are built when the price exceeds the lower or upper part of the previous brick by predetermined quantities. When this happens, the brick moves to the next column. White bricks are usually used when the trend is up, while black bricks are used when the trend is down. This type of chart is useful in identifying key levels of resistance and support. In Renko’s charts, time and volume really don’t play a major role. You will find all kinds of trading strategies that are based on the Renko chart to help your trades.

Other forex trading strategies that you can use are Bollinger Bands, Forex Breakout, Forex Support and Resistance, Forex Candlestick and Forex Swing Trading Strategies.

Choosing the Best Forex Trading Strategy

With so many trading strategies available, it can be a challenge for traders, especially beginners, to decide which path to take. But using a few tips can help you choose the best one.

Set business goals and decide whether to go long term or short term. It also helps you decide whether to trade full-time or part-time. This way you will be able to choose the strategy that suits you best as a trader.

Choose a unique strategy by comparing strategies and what they offer you. If it seems that a strategy is not in your best interest, then it is not right for you.

Experiment with the strategy you prefer before coming to terms with it. Experimenting first gives a chance to understand more deeply what the strategy is about and to see if it has worked for other traders in the past or not.

It is also important to know the trading styles so that you can choose the perfect strategy for your trading. For example, short-term traders should consider trading styles such as day trading, scalping, position trading and swing trading, among others.

Retirement Income Portfolio Management: The Plan

The reason why people take the risks of investing in the first place is the prospect of achieving a higher “realized” rate of return than is achievable in a risk-free environment … ie. a bank account insured by the FDIC involving compound interest.

  • For the past ten years, such risk-free savings have not been able to compete with riskier media due to artificially low interest rates, forcing traditional “savers” to enter the mutual fund and ETF market.
  • (Funds and ETFs have become the “new” stock market, a place where individual stock prices have become invisible, questions about the company’s fundamentals are met with empty eyes, and media-speaking chapters tell us that people are no longer in the stock market ).

The risk comes in various forms, but the main concerns of a middle-income investor are “financial” and, when investing in income without proper thinking, “market” risk.

  • Financial risk includes the ability of corporations, government organizations and even individuals to meet their financial commitments.
  • Market risk refers to the absolute certainty that all marketable securities will fluctuate in market value … sometimes more than others, but this “reality” must be planned and worked with, never feared.
  • Question: Does the demand for individual stocks increase ETF funds and prices or vice versa?

We can minimize financial risk by choosing only high-quality (investment grade) securities, diversifying them properly, and realizing that changes in market value are in fact “harmless to income.” With an action plan to tackle ‘market risk’, we can actually turn it into an investment opportunity.

  • What do banks do to get the amount of interest they guarantee to depositors? They invest in securities that pay a fixed income, regardless of changes in market value.

You do not need to be a professional investment manager to manage your investment portfolio professionally. But you need to have a long-term plan and know something about asset allocation … often used incorrectly and misunderstood portfolio planning / organization tools.

  • For example, the annual “rebalancing” of the portfolio is a symptom of a dysfunctional asset allocation. The distribution of assets must control every investment decision throughout the year, every year, regardless of changes in market value.

It is also important to recognize that you do not need high-tech computer programs, economic scenario simulators, inflation estimates or stock market forecasts to properly align with your retirement income goal.

What you need is common sense, reasonable expectations, patience, discipline, soft hands and a great driver. The KISS principle must be at the heart of your investment plan; the compound wins the epoxy resin, which keeps the structure safe and secure during the development period.

In addition, focusing on “working capital” (as opposed to market value) will help you through all four major portfolio management processes. (Business majors, remember PLOC?) Finally a chance to use something you learned in college!

Retirement planning

The Retirement Income Portfolio (almost all investment portfolios eventually turn into retirement portfolios) is the financial hero who appears on stage just in time to fill the income gap between what you need to retire and guaranteed payments you will receive from uncle and / or past employers.

How powerful the superhero power is, however, does not depend on the size of the market value number; in terms of retirement, this is the income produced in the suit that protects us from financial villains. Which of these characters do you want to load your wallet with?

  • A million-dollar VTINX portfolio that produces about $ 19,200 a year in spending money.
  • One million dollars, a well-diversified, lucrative portfolio of CEF that generates more than $ 70,000 a year … even with the same distribution of equity as the Vanguard Fund (just under 30%).
  • A portfolio of millions of dollars from GOOG, NFLX and FB, which does not give money to spend at all.

I’ve heard it said that a 4% withdrawal from a retirement income portfolio is normal, but what if it’s not enough to fill your “income gap” and / or more than the amount produced by the portfolio. If both “what ifs” turn out to be true … well, the picture is not good.

And it gets uglier pretty quickly when you look at your actual portfolio of 401k, IRA, TIAA CREF, ROTH, etc. and understand that it does not produce even nearly 4% of actual expenditure income. Full return, yes. Realized expendable income, I’m not afraid.

  • Of course, your portfolio has “grown” in market value over the last ten years, but it is likely that no effort has been made to increase the annual income it generates. Financial markets live by analyzing market value, and as the market grows every year, we are told that everything is fine.
  • So if your “income gap” is more than 4% of your portfolio; what happens if your portfolio produces less than 2% as a Vanguard Retirement Income Fund; or what if the market stops growing by more than 4% per year … while you are still running out of capital at 5%, 6% or even 7% clip ???

The less popular (only available in individual portfolios) closed-end income fund approach has been around for decades and covers all ‘what ifs’. They, combined with investment value stocks (IGVS), have the unique ability to take advantage of fluctuations in market value in both directions, increasing the production of portfolio income with each monthly reinvestment procedure.

  • Monthly reinvestment should never become a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) approach, please. The monthly income should be combined for selective reinvestment, where the best effect can be achieved. The goal is to reduce the cost base per share and increase the profitability of the position … with one click.

A retirement income program that focuses only on market value growth is doomed from the start, even at IGVS. All portfolio plans require an income-focused asset allocation of at least 30%, often more but never less. All individual securities purchase decisions must support the operational plan for the allocation of assets “growth objective versus income objective”.

  • The “working capital model” is a 40+ year tested system for automatic pilot asset allocation, which largely guarantees annual income growth when used properly with a minimum income distribution for the purposes.

The following points apply to an asset allocation plan that manages separate taxable and deferred tax portfolios … rather than 401,000 plans, as they usually cannot generate adequate income. Such plans should be allocated for maximum safety within six years of retirement and transferred to a personally targeted IRA physically as soon as possible.

  • The distribution of assets for “income-oriented” starts from 30% of working capital, regardless of the size of the portfolio, the age of the investor or the amount of liquid assets available for investment.
  • Start-up portfolios (less than $ 30,000) must not have an equity component and no more than 50% until six figures are reached. From $ 100,000 (under the age of 45), only 30% of income is acceptable, but not very lucrative.
  • At age 45, or $ 250,000, move to 40% income; 50% at age 50; 60% at the age of 55 and 70% of securities for income after the age of 65 or retirement, whichever comes first.
  • The revenue objective of the portfolio must be kept as fully invested as possible and all definitions of asset allocation must be based on working capital (ie portfolio cost base); cash is considered part of equity or distribution as a “growth target”.
  • Equity investments are limited to seven-year CEFs with experience in equities and / or ‘investment grade equities’ (as defined in the book ‘Brainwashing’).

Even if you are young, you need to stop smoking heavily and develop a growing flow of income. If you maintain income growth, the growth of market value (which you are expected to worship) will take care of itself. Remember that higher market value can increase the size of the hat, but do not pay the bills.

So that’s the plan. Determine your retirement income needs; start your investment program with a focus on income; add stocks as you age and your portfolio becomes more significant; when retirement is looming or the size of the portfolio becomes serious, make the distribution of your income serious.

Don’t worry about inflation, markets or the economy … distributing your assets will get you moving in the right direction while focusing on increasing your income each year.

  • This is the key point of the whole “retirement readiness” scenario. Each dollar added to the portfolio (or earned from the portfolio) is redistributed according to the distribution of assets to “working capital”. When income distribution is over 40%, you will see income grow magically every quarter … no matter what happens in the financial markets.
  • Note that all IGVS pay dividends, which are also divided according to the distribution of assets.

If you are within ten years of retirement age, the rising income stream is exactly what you want to see. Applying the same approach to your IRAs (including 401k rollovers) will result in enough revenue to pay the RMD (mandatory allocation required) and will put you in a position to say without reservation:

Neither the stock market adjustment nor the increase in interest rates will have a negative impact on my retirement income; in fact, I will be able to increase my income even better in both circles.

Is there a connection between the Dow Jones and the cryptocurrency?

After a pretty good run, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had a tough two weeks. Cryptocurrency is also under correction. Could there be a connection between the two investment worlds?

We must be careful to use vague terms such as ‘bull and bear markets’ when moving into any investment space. The main reason for this is that the cryptocurrency in the course of its incredible “bull” in 2017 recorded gains of more than 10 times. If you invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin in early 2017, you would earn over $ 10,000 by the end of the year. Traditional equity investing has never experienced anything like this. In 2017, the Dow increased by approximately 23%.

I’m really careful when looking at data and charts, because I realize that you can make numbers say what you want them to say. Just as the cryptocurrency made huge gains in 2017, 2018 saw an equally rapid correction. I am trying to say that we should try to be objective in our comparisons.

Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency camp are shocked by the recent collapse. All they’ve heard is how all these early adopters got rich and bought Lambos. For more experienced traders, this market correction was quite obvious due to the sharp rise in prices over the past two months. Many digital currencies have recently made many people millionaires overnight. It was obvious that sooner or later they would want to take part of this profit from the table.

Another factor that I think we really need to consider is the recent addition of bitcoin futures trading. I personally believe that there are large forces working here, led by the old guard, who want to see the collapse of the crypto. I also see futures trading and the excitement surrounding crypto ETFs as positive steps towards turning crypto into the mainstream and being considered a “real” investment.

After saying all this, I started thinking, “What if there’s some connection here?”

What if the bad news on Wall Street affected cryptocurrencies like Coinbase and Binance? Could this make them both fall on the same day? Or what if the opposite was true and this led to an increase in cryptocurrency as people looked for another place to park their money?

In the spirit of not trying to distort the numbers and stay as objective as possible, I wanted to wait until we saw a relatively neutral playing field. This week is almost as good as any other, as it is a period of time when both markets have undergone adjustments.

For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency trading, unlike the stock market, stock exchanges never close. I’ve been trading stocks for over 20 years and I know all too well that feeling when you’re sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon thinking

“I really wish I could trade one or two positions right now, because I know that when the markets open, the price will change significantly.”

This availability, like Walmart’s, can also lead to startling emotional reactions that can snow in both directions. With the traditional stock market, people have a chance to press the pause button and sleep on their decisions overnight.

To get the equivalent of a one-week cycle, I took the last 7 days of crypto trading data and the last 5 days of DJIA.

Here’s a comparison from last week (3-3-18 to 3-10-18). Dow (due to the loss of money from 20 of the 30 companies in which it consists) fell by 1330 points, a decrease of 5.21%.

For cryptocurrencies, finding apples with apples is a little different because the Dow technically doesn’t exist. This is changing, although many groups are creating their own version. The closest comparison at the moment is to use the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of total market capitalization.

According to, 20 of the first 30 coins have declined in the previous 7 days. Does it sound familiar to you? If you look at the whole crypto market, the amount dropped from $ 445 billion to $ 422 billion. Bitcoin, considered the equivalent of the gold standard, fell 6.7% over the same period. Usually both bitcoin and altcoin.

Coincidence or causation? How did we see almost similar results? Were there similar reasons?

Although the decline in prices seems similar, I find it interesting that the reasons for this are very different. I told you before that numbers can be deceptive, so we really need to pull back the layers.

Here’s the main news about the Dow:

According to USA Today, “strong wage data have raised fears of impending wage inflation, raising concerns that the Federal Reserve may have to raise interest rates more often this year than the three times it initially reported.”

Because cryptocurrency is decentralized, it cannot be manipulated by interest rates. This may mean that, in the long run, higher interest rates may cause investors to invest their money elsewhere in search of higher returns. This is where cryptocurrency can come into play.

If there were no interest rates, then what caused the crypto correction?

This is mainly due to conflicting news from several countries about what their position will certainly affect the market. People around the world are worried about whether countries will even allow them as a legitimate investment.

There has been some good news over the past week from testimony in Congress by Jay Clayton (SEC chairman) and Christopher Giancarlo (CFTC chairman). The point was that while they wanted to eliminate bad players and ensure compliance with AML laws, they also wanted to allow innovation.

It certainly seems that the connection in such results between the two worlds is uncertainty.

We all know that markets do not like uncertainty. But uncertainty is fleeting. What worries one day can sometimes be resolved overnight. There are times when the news is so stunning that it paralyzes the market for months and even years.

The key is to sift through all this information and decipher what is real and what is not.

Since I have long been involved in both equities and cryptocurrencies, I believe that careful monitoring of both can be quite rewarding. The opportunity to win exists almost every day. This is especially true for cryptocurrency, as I’ve often bought a coin that just fell 30% on the last day and then fell another 30% the next day, but I get it all back in a week. .

I would recommend staying as diverse as necessary (this varies depending on the situation of each individual). There are days when one is up and the other is down. To increase morale, it is good to be able to log in to the account that had a better day. If you have accounts in both worlds, you may be able to contact us.

One thing is for sure, crypto is here to stay and will definitely make investing more interesting.